Last ChanceMature

We got back to school on Monday, I arrived a few minutes late to find the class in a state of frenzy. I settled in at my desk and listened in to one of the many discussions. She was leaving. Alicia, my perfect fantasy was moving and would be gone after this week.
What should I do? I couldn't let her go without telling her how I feel. But what if she rejects me.  That's when I looked up, she was right in front of me, looking down with those captivating eyes. "A.. A.. Alicia, hi."
"You've probably heard that I'm leaving. So I'd like to invite you to my party on Friday night. Just to say goodbye."
Her hand brushed against mine as she handed me the invitation. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and looked down before she could notice.

The week was slow, but every time our eyes met she smiled, that had to mean something, right? But now it was Friday afternoon and I was sitting alone in my room staring blankly into my closet. I have nothing to wear! I should have done this earlier. I have two hours to get ready, I won't have time to go to the shops.  My old clothes would have to do.
I spent twenty minutes scavenging through everything I own before giving up and going to my sister's room. It had to be something spectacular, so Alicia would notice me. I decided on a short black skirt and blue sequined top.

I lay the clothes on my bed then went through to the shower, the water was running down, over the smooth curves of my breasts. I couldn't help it, my hands grasped my breasts and slowly caressed them, my eyes closed and my left hand rand down my body. I found my self slowly rubbing my clitoris and moaning with pleasure. Oh god, what was I doing, I should be getting ready to see Alicia. Oh but it felt so good, so I continued, getting harder and faster, until eventually I felt an explosion of satisfaction.

The End

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