Life In DepthMature

Taliyah is a regular girl, or is she? This story takes you through a year in the life of a 17 year old lesbian who's just discovering herself.

I couldn't help but stare at her. Alicia Bennet.  She is beautiful beyond belief, her gorgeous curves and long dark hair glistening against the light coming through the window. Then it hit me. I was attracted to another female. Her eyes met mine across the room and I felt myself cringe. At that moment I could think of nothing other than carefully caressing her goddess like body. Just thinking about it got me all hot and flustered.

"Taliyah... Taliyah?" How long had Courtney been trying to get my attention? "Sorry,what?" "I asked if you want to stay at mine tonight?" She was sounding slightly irritated now.

"Yeah sure, can we stop at my place on the way there? I need to grab a few things." The rest of the day went by slowly, the walk to my house was even slower. I just couldn't seem to shake the thought of being with another girl. Eventually we got to Courtney's place. No one was home so we decided to change into our pj's and watch movies in bed. I watched as she slipped out of her school uniform and pulled on her silk nightdress. Had she always had a body that great? Her skin looks so smooth, and her lips, God she has amazing full lips.

"Hey Court, can I ask you something?"  "You know you can hun."                            "Okay, well, have you ever, well, wanted to, you know, be with another female?"
"What do you mean?" She had an adorable look on that face of hers, so innocent.
"Like, have you ever thought about kissing a girl?"
"I've thought about it a few times I guess, why?"
"Oh, I was just wondering I guess." It wasn't time to tell her yet.
"Come on, this is me you're talking to, I know when you're up to something!"
"Ok well, I was looking at Alicia today... from physics class, and I really wanted to kiss her, and then I started noticing all the other girls..."

For a while there was nothing but silence. Neither of us knew what to say, so we both pretended we were too interested in the movie to continue the conversation. I shouldn't have said anything but after seeing her getting undresses I suppose I had a vain hope that something would come of it.

The End

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