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Rose Sorrento

The day started off quite normally. I woke up at seven to get ready for sixth form and left the house at half past eight. The air was a few degrees over comfortably warm but with a slight breeze to mask the humidity and prevent unnecessary sweating. I had ventured outside in some denim shorts and a lightweight top to fully enjoy the July weather. 

However, as I approached Kettering Avenue I noticed something was wrong. There were more people than usual, gathered in clusters near the side of the boutique that sold fancy dresses and expensive jewelry. I briefly wondered what had happened before deciding that I was late enough for school and cut across the road and ducked down the High Street as a shortcut. 

It wasn't until I got to school though that I found out what all the drama was about.

Students were gathered round the telly in the common room which was showing a picture of a grave-faced reported standing in front of what looked like a crime scene.

'The body of a sixteen year old girl has been found in the small town of Hazeville in the early hours of Saturday morning. A suspect has been taken into custody but we cannot confirm who it is just yet.'

'A murder,' Beth came to stand right beside me. 'In Hazeville. There's something that you certainly don't see everyday.'

'Who was she?' I asked my friend.

'Nobody knows yet, they won't release the identity until they can. Sixteen years old though, imagine what her parents are going through. I wonder if we know her. Well, knew her.' Beth pushed a strand of blonde hair out of her eyes and sighed. 'What's the world coming to?' Her large gray eyes were somber and her mouth was set in a slight pout. 

'Murders happen all the time. I just think it's more shocking because nothing like this happens here.' 

'I suppose,' she sighed again. 'Anyway you out tonight?'

Almost instantaneously Beth was back to normal. That was the thing with Beth though; she had the attention span of a gnat. 

'I don't know, should we be out? I mean, if there's a killer around?' 

She scoffed. 'We won't be affected. He's already got the killing out of his system. Anyway, I'm gonna be late for class I'll see you later.'

I watched Beth's departing figure, unsure if she was being intentionally callous or just her normal self.

The End

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