Life consumed by deathMature

Nothing tastes as sweet as your first kill.

To momentarily feel that power within your own hands, to possess the ability to manipulate and change the future, it's the biggest adrenaline rush, the best feeling of pure exhilaration. A world of possibilities, jobs, friends, families and other ties cut short by you and no one else is the greatest feeling in the world. Nothing can compare to it. 

I still remember my first kill. I was careless and left clues, but managed to evade the justice system. Since then I have learned how to handle myself, how to destroy evidence and sometimes if I put a lot of thought into it, how to make it look like suicide.

My recent kill was a girl who couldn't have been much older than Lily. (Lily's my eldest daughter at fifteen). There was something about her that reminded me of my daughter as well. The same brown hair and pale skin perhaps. I almost chose someone else.


I had gone a month since the death of Cara Partridge and was starting to feel withdrawal symptoms. A different location to where I lived; twenty miles east, and I found myself at the home town of the Lily-lookalike. I hadn't chose her deliberately. In fact, I had selected a town at random from a map and this lookalike happened to be the first person that I had come across.

She was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, for her.

I followed her down the narrow side roads, leaving my car on the edge of town. I needed to savor this moment, treasure the rush I was going to get from it. 

I produced a black handled dagger with an intricate jagged design lining the metallic blade. She was a beautiful weapon, my partner in crime. The power she and I held together could damage thousands. We were Gods in a world of petty human vermin that could easily be crushed.

I grabbed the girl by the back of her hair, instantly clamping a hand over her mouth to muffle out her screams and in one swift motion plunged the knife deep into her abdomen, right up to the handle. Her blood gushed over my hands and I closed my eyes in bliss as she buckled against me in overwhelming pain. She stopped screaming, her limbs went weak and she fell against the floor, caught in a frozen expression of shock and fear. She was still alive, trembling against the floor. 

I smiled down at her as I finished her off with a plunge to the heart.

The End

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