A Long Road Ahead

Marlene decided the best way to get back to the club on time was by cab, As often as it happened Marlene still chuckled softly every time more than one cab stopped for her. She opened the hello door to the closest cab and told the driver that she wanted to go to Club Forte. The entire ride over was almost a blur to her, she stared absent-mindedly out the window and thought of what outfit she would wear that night. The car pulled to a stop and as she went to pay, the driver refused her money. She smiled politely and got out and headed for the side door. 

The smoke-filled air caused Marlene to choke as she stepped inside, she hurried along a long corridor and ducked into the back room. Peter had supplied her with a hanging rank and some hangers for her clothes, as well as, with a cot. Her fingers glided across the cloth as she tried to pick out the next outfit, a few new pieces had been added, which must have meant Peter thought she was doing a good job. Marlene sensed she was no longer alone, she slowly turned. "Oh, hello Peter." she smiled softly at the middle aged man. "Good morning" he replied. "I was just admiring this new clothing, you didn't have to buy me anything Peter." she talked as if she was pleased with him. Marlene could tell this was exactly what he wanted to hear from her. "Now Marlene, of course I did, you work harder than any employee of mine and this is all you get. I couldn't imagine not buying you some pretty, new clothes." As he spoke his cheeks turned a slight pink, Marlene had begun changing right in front of him. She undressed completely and wrapped a towel around her, she smiled as Peter talked, "this has been more than enough I assure you, but if you will excuse me, I'm going to shower and get ready. Lots of Club Forte customers to go meet today." She glided past him and headed down the hall. 

*   *   *   *   *   * 

Jessie turned the knob trying to find a station that wasn't being found by the scan feature, finally his work payed off and he found a country station. He shifted in his seat trying to make himself more comfortable, it hadn't been long since he had hit the halfway point, Jessie had been on the road for ten hours non-stop. He saw a sign where there was a rest stop ahead and he decided it would be best if he pulled off and stretched his legs. In less than half a mile he saw the exit, he pulled off. Driving throughout the parking lot there weren't many cars, he saw a family of five getting into a dark colored SUV, and there were a few small vehicles that were empty. One look at the clock and he understood why the parking lot was empty. Six O'Clock in the evening meant most travelers would be stopping in towns to get some supper. 

The door squeaked as Jessie pushed it open. As he stood up his knees popped from sitting still for so long. He walked towards the building and the cool air hit him instantly as he opened the door, as if he was walking into a freezer. As he looked around he saw an older woman, about fifty-five, waiting outside the restroom, Jessie made his way to the snack area to the right. The room was small probably no bigger than the kitchen at home and most the space was taken by the four vending machines. Jessie looked over the choices and decided to only get a bottle of water and some pretzels, as he walked back to his truck he noticed the sun was beginning to set. "Only ten more to go...." Jessie reminded himself as he started the truck back up and pulled back onto the interstate. 

The End

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