Life Change

She woke in a haze, her vision still a bit foggy. How long had she been asleep? Who’s house had she made it to? These were questions that had become all too fimilar with Marlene lately. Since her parents kicked her out she had been staying anywhere she could, it didn’t matter what she had to do to stay.
           It had been a month since Marlene Smith had seen her mother Kathryn and father Austin. A month since they found out about her drug use. One lonely month sleeping wherever she could to get by. The sound wasn’t expected, but it wasn’t the first time she had woken up to someone cursing her good looks and the desire they had for them. It was part of the reason she had used a credit card for the implant surgrey.
           She had always been attractive, every man in town had told her that since she had begun developing. At five foot seven inches, weighing at most one hundred and fifteen pounds she always looked good no matter what she was wearing. Most men would see her in the club, and end up taking her home, mostly because they were too drunk to care who she was. Regaurdless, she knew the drill, one the cursing had started they were regretting her being there, she knew to get dressed and leave. She would pay attention on the way in the night before, searching for gas stations so that she could make herself look presentable again the next morning.
           Looking at the clock on the dresser, she saw it was seven fifteen, she knew rush hour traffic would begin in an hour. She grabbed the mini skirt and top she had been wearing the night before and ducked off the bed to get dressed, once she had her clothes back on she ran her fingers through her long red hair and slid on her stilettos. She heard the shower water start and that was her cue, she grabbed her purse and left the apartment. Once outside she checked her bag making sure all of her belongings were still there. And as always, they were.

*         *         *         *         *

           The loud buzzes coming from Jessie’s black alarm clock jarred him awake, it was early on a Monday morning. He hit the off button to stop the noises, his head was pounding. How much had he drank the night before? He only remembered drinking two beers during the Cowboys game but he remembered them losing, so he had probably drank a few more. He knew he had to get up, his father was on vacation visiting with his sister in Orland Park, Illinois so going in late wasn’t an option someone had to be at the office.  Jessie Hamilton was the vice president of Hamilton Family Construction Company, a company his father had started after his mother had died to keep himself busy. Jessie and his father had always understood that after grade school Jessie would go to college for business and architecture and that once his father decided to step down, Jessie would become President and CEO of the company. Jessie started taking college classes during his junior year of high school, so he wouldn’t have to be in college for so long. He graduated only six months ago and his father had immediately  given him the vice president position.
           Jessie rolled out of bed and found some aspirin, once he had downed the two small pills he headed for the shower. As if his father had anticipated his reluctance to get out of bed the phone rang just as Jessie turned on the water. He answered on the third ring right before the answering machine picked up. “Jessie, are you out of bed yet?” John started as soon as Jessie had answered. “Yes dad, I was about to take a shower.” Jessie replied in an annoyed tone.  “Good, I needed to let you know that I need you to come to Illinois as soon as possible, I called Tony and let him know to run things until you returned. Jessie, your Aunt Samantha isn’t doing well…” John paused and his breathing began to shake “She may not live through the night.” Jessie dropped the phone rand to turn off the shower, slowly tears began to fill his eyes, he picked up the phone, “I’m on my way Dad.” And he hung up.

The End

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