The Beginning

The Beginning. It seems as though those words are almost as hard to say as "The end".  I stand up from my kneeling position at the gravestone.  This is the beginning.  The beginning of a new chapter in my life. 

I get into my car and turn the ignition.  It grumbles and putters as it usually does.  I really need to get something better than this old tin can. 

Really though? Is that what I need right now?  A new car?  Work has been increasingly stressful over the past few weeks, and now with my father's passing there's nobody left.  My Mother died when I was 18, when I left her alone with him.  My Father and my Mother... alone.  Without me.  I still wonder if I had made the right decision.  It bugs me to no end, following me and haunting my every thought. 

Now, I need to forget about the past.  Beginning.  Remember that...

This is the beginning.

Life can now begin.

The End

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