Life Blood

Anita Richards never thought she was the type to fall in love. At least not with anybody from Eternity's Well. Then William Forsyth came and changed everything just by existing.

“Ani, come down here! It’s time for school” a voice broke through the silence of the lavender and cream-colored room. Anita forced herself out of her bed, her short black hair tangled and messy. “I’m up mom!” She grumbled, scrunching her feet on the warm white carpet. She ran her hand through her hair, grimacing as she hit the tangles. Checking her reflection in the mirror, she sighed looking a the tangled mess. Another restless night.

It was funny she thought, how a year ago her thoughts were all about whether or not she had a test or how she would do at gymnastics practice, but now her only concerns were her mind-bending dreams. All she ever could remember was a strange sense of longing and flashes of a place she swore she knew.

Changing out of her pajamas, she laid out a pair of black skinny jeans, dark purple belts and a loose lavender blouse that billowed around her hips. Placing a pair of diamond studs and small silver hoops into her ears and matching silver bracelets on her wrist, she studied her profile before putting her usual make-up on.

No matter how she felt, she did have a reputation one that kept people from bothering her. Which was how she liked it.

Later, once she was fully dressed she headed downstairs to eat her breakfast. Hopefully, she thought by herself. Quietly moving through the kitchen, preparing her breakfast; consisting of two strawberry smoothie Pop Tarts, some scrambled eggs, and two slices of bacon. Walking into the other room, she gritted her teeth when she saw her mother sitting at the table with a bowl of oatmeal, talking on the phone. Her mother was a gossip, she meant no harm by it, but it was something that annoyed her. Gossip was something easily misused and often employed by those with malicious intent.

Ignoring her mother’s attempts at conversation, she finished her breakfast, cracking open a book to pass the time before her ride arrived.

“Bye mom, see you after school I’ll be late I have practice today, see ya later!” She called out in a rush, running out the house before jumping in May’s convertible.

Her bag hit the back seat with a thwack, her bracelets jingling from the force of the impact. As the car drove down the street, May snorted. “My car has a door. One that works, could you please use it?” Anita stuck her tongue out “May, May what happened to ‘you noxious flirt, don’t let those pervs see up your skirt’ and ‘Anita, could you be more of a playgirl?’ Keep this up and I might think you don’t love me anymore!” she laughed loudly at the annoyed look on her best friend’s face. “Yeah well you’re you. If I wasn’t dating Luke I’d probably still be all pissy at you, Miss Ice Queen.” May smirked. “I thought my current nick name was Maneater or something like that.” The black haired girl said loudly. “That’s Bea, being Bea. It’s not actually anyone else. Everyone knows she’s just jealous.” May frowned at the other girl

“Yeah, yeah I know I’m just bored. Any new meat for me to tenderize? I didn’t pay attention yesterday.” Anita asked, fiddling with her hair. “A new student is coming in today from Boston I heard. You’re on volunteer duty for the office today too aren’t you? Oh do you see any open spots in the lot?” May queried, turning up on Dewmount Street. “Yep, every Tuesday and Thursday.” She grinned, gazing down at the school parking lot. “Third row on the left has open spots, right near the sidewalk.” She commented casually “Got it.” May replied, driving in.

“So, you trying out for the team this year? There’s an opening, Christy quit.” Anita asked, slamming the car door behind her as they began walking through the parking lot. “No, I’m keeping my schedule open. No busyness for me this year, no siree. Unlike you Miss I can do anything. Honestly how do you find time to breathe let alone seduce half the boys in school?” May half-whined “I don’t seduce them. They are just awestruck by my brilliance” She said haughtily, before cracking up.

“See, there is a reason I’m friends with you.” May gasped “No one can take a statement that almost everyone believes to be true and make it funny.” “Well, it’s about me, of course I can make it funny.” Anita grinned before walking into the office.

It was empty, or nearly so the secretary gone off to make the coffee for the principal and herself. She took a seat, knowing that she wouldn’t be needed for a little while and continued to read her book.


The secretary had led him to the chair after he had come in. She told him that his student guide would be out after the principal finished speaking to her. He waited patiently; trying to figure out what the niggling feeling he was getting was about.

Trying to keep the maddening train of thought out of his head, he tried thinking about what his familiar Damien was doing. He had wanted to take the small pet with him, but later figured that it would be best to leave the sparrow back at the estate considering he didn’t want to attract any unnecessary attention. Damien’s sense of humor was hard to ignore. So was his nagging.

As the door opened, William’s senses were assaulted. His nose was plagued with the beautiful scent of cinnamon and vanilla, her psychic presence aggravating his instincts. ‘Dammit! Lilith curse it I am not ready for this!’ he wailed in his head. He had hoped he would have had more time to prepare himself for meeting her.

Swallowing deeply, trying to repress the urge to sweep her off her feet and get out of here as fast as possible, he smiled politely, and not revealing his exposed fangs. He did know his eyes had slitted, but there wasn’t much he could do about that.

She was beautiful, there was no doubt about that. Her blue-black hair was cut short, brushing just below her ears. She had a heart-shaped face with rosebud lips and wide dark blue eyes. He guessed she was a few inches shorter than his own 5'6 and was slim.

He stood up, as was polite when a young man met someone for the first time. Smiling back at him, she held out her hand. Will grinned, he did know the traditional mortal greeting, but he wanted to impress her. He took her out stretched hand and raised it to his lips before speaking. “I didn’t imagine my guide would be such a lovely lady. My name is William Forsyth. Would the beautiful lady give me the pleasure of her name?” ‘So not ready, so not ready for this! Just don’t go for the neck, not the neck, not the neck’ He told himself, trying to keep calm, though his outward appearance showed little of his inner struggle.

She placed her other hand over her mouth, blushing an enticing pink “Anita Richards, it’s a pleasure to meet you William.” She paused amount, collecting herself; a pause Will was grateful for as it gave him time to regain his composure so he wouldn’t do anything rude once they were left alone.

“Mr. Forsyth, your schedule; Miss Richards will be able to lead you to your first class.” The principal spoke up, interrupting the twos strange staring contest. William turned to look at her, slightly dazed from the encounter. “Oh, yes… Thank you Mam. Miss Richards, it would be an honor to be escorted by you.” He turned and smiled at her once again, to which she responded to with a good-hearted laugh. “You may call me Anita; Miss Richards is something for adults. Now come on!”

‘Anita… What a lovely name.’ He thought distractedly as they walked through the halls to his first class. She turned to him after a few moments of silence. “By the way, can I see your schedule? I’m not much use as a guide if I don’t know where you have to go.” She rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. ‘Cute! Cute, cute so cuutee!’ he blushed, moving his had to inconspicously cover his reddening cheeks.

“Ah, yes I suppose you’re right Anita. Just gimme a moment and I’ll tell you.” He dug out the schedule from his bag and looked at it for a moment. “I have English with Ms. Lawrence.” He spoke after a moment.

“Oh, my first class is in that hall, what’s your room number. Some teachers are completely irrational about tardies." She scrunched her nose up in thought. “Ms. Lawrence isn't to my knowledge though, what room is she in again…”

“Room 107 is what it says here.” He passed her the sheet of paper, which she looked over. “You have art and lunch with me, room 231, and the cafeteria of course.” She looked around the hallway “107 is over there, I’m in 105 with Mrs. Highmount.” His eyebrows furrowed in disappointment before brightening. “Well, I should get to class; it has been a pleasure speaking to you Anita” He smiled at her, evoking another blush from her pale face, quietly sighing contentedly before entering the classroom.

The End

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