Alex didn't return later that day to collect my dirty dishes. I sat, waiting, patiently but to no avail. I was alone. As time wore on I couldn't help but remember, those memories... I tried to supress them but it was just impossible. Everywhere around me reminded me after a short while; the seemigly endless darkness in which I was shrouded. That brought back memories.

My mind was so cluttered and time just simply refused to fly past no matter how much I begged for this pain to end. I could no longer resist. It had gone on too long.. but no! I mustn't! The temptation was so overwhelming and I was sucked into the darkness.

A shriek in the dark. A glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye. A flicker of light. I was so frightened; I had goosebumps. Then. it began.

I could see a young girl playing on the swings, merrily, peacefully. By her side was a figure I couldn't make out; a silhouette against the backdrop of a bright day. They were making sounds, talking. It was difficult to make out, muffled noises from afar. I gradually moved closer, afraid to be seen. High pitch noises, what was happening? I'm became scared. Then it hit me like a flash of light from the overhead Sun; laughing! They were laughing! Joyous, wonderful sounds I hadn't heard for as long as I could remember. Experiences which I decided I must have had otherwise how could I recognise these emotions?

A sense of deep, profound longing devoured me. I was close. The faint sounds from afar were becoming clearer and clearer as I approched. Then I heard it, clear as crystal. The inflections were unmistakable, but it could not be. I was in disbelief. What was this shadow of the daylight saying? How could she know this?

A quick glance behind me; nothing. A suburban desert apart from one solitary vehicle coming to a steady stop on the street. My focus returned to the words that I had heard. I listened ever more carefully, waiting to hear them once more; almost cruelly hoping to hear them. Then my one single desire happened. I didn't want to hear them, I wanted to escape, to run away. Panic-stricken I searched for a way out, nothing! My hands rose to my cheeks, the skin was so soft, so nice.

A slam. A bang. A scream.

My eyes were tight shut; there was absolutely no thing that could wedge them open, but there was. A shrill pitch scream, like the one I had heard earlier. In fact, it was the one I heard. A call, whatever was screaming those words, those syllables, was screaming me. My name.

The End

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