Life As We Knew Its

honestly, when I first got to the part with tsunamis, I figured that I could totally survive this seeing as we live far from the coast and have plenty of weapons and food. Also, seeing as I don't live by any major metropolitan areas where most of the chaos would occur. But now with the volcanos stopping all food production, I think the only way to survive would to live with our doomsday prepper neighbor, Carl. The characters are having a hard time adapting as more of their neighbors start to die from hinger or other abnormal circumstances caused by the moon like the volcanic ash in the atmosphere. They Are lucky to have Matt and Jonny to chop down the trees. I think the mom understands their value and that is why they have starting eating less for Jonny and Matt.  I think that Miranda should cut her relations with Dan because he could become a liability. I enjoyed trying to relate to the characters through their struggle.

The End

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