Life As We Knew It-Part 2

       This story has gotten very intense. First an astroid hits the moon and now the whole world is going crazy.. Its basically eat or be eaten. There's endless lines for people to get what they need to survive and the people helping others are starting to run out of supplies. Mirada's mom is basically starving her self so that her kids can eat but that won't last for long. 

     Its gotten very hectic, Miranda and her mom got in a huge argument and Miranda's mom had said some pretty hurtful things and one of those things were "Get Out!" so Miranda went to Megan's house and Miranda tells Megan that she feels sympathetic for her but she can't stay cause she reminds her of her old life. This is very depressing and i think Megan is wrong for saying she needs to leave because she reminds her of her old life, It's very upsetting that her "friend" wouldn't help her through the stiff with her mom at least until her an her mom worked it out. This doesn't really connect to me, But i think Miranda and her mom will work it out and should because you never know if that next volcano is gonna permanently destroy everything. 

     Theres a lot of things that i think are wrong in these few chapters like the fight, I mean there both under a lot of stress and pressure. Miranda's worried about her grades and her mom's worried about when or if they'll get there next meal. This connects with our world because theres a lot of starvation going on in our country and barely any trying to put the effort in to help these people. I the book is picking up and its getting very interesting, This book keeps me wanting to read, Cause you don't know if there gonna make it or not, It basically has you on the edge of your seat these last few chapters. At this part of the book is when i would start being more involvde with my family and try to get as much time in and make as many memories as i can.  

The End

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