Life as we knew it x4

In the book a lot has happened death, tragedy, pain. First Miranda's mom falls and hurts her ankle just as it's healing she hurts it again, This makes Miranda go to the hospital to get help she sees that its abandoned. They later find out that Mrs. Nesbit has died. They go to bed one night and all wake up sick, They also got stuck in this blizzard and almost lost Matt.

Death, loose and pain motivate the characters to do things they probably would have never done before. Death makes you think and work even harder to stay alive. Loose makes you realize and work even harder to keep it. Pain makes you stronger as a person and as a family cause you have to be there to comfort one another. The theme could also be pretrade as many things It Just depends on which way you wanna go or look at it. I think it leans more towards be careful some of the choices you make cause Miranda made a couple bad decisions but she still kept her family alive and that's all that matters. 

The End

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