Chapter 1-5 Summary

In this story so far Miranda is already dealing with family and friend issues. Her parents are refently divorced and her dad has a new wife. Her friends are going different ways and leaving Miranda behind. Then all of the sudden every off was excited for this asteroid to hit the moon for some reason. When it hit, all the power went out and phones wouldn't work. There were reports of tsunamis and tital waves that were out of control. After this happened, Miranda seems to be kind of scared; she's just waiting for Matt to come home. Her mom on the other hand takes them to the grocery store to stock up on lots of food for cheap. She seems to think this is a really big deal. Jonny is only 13, he just cares if baseball players are dead or alive. After they stock up on food and supplies, Miranda's school announces that they will no longer serve lunch (because stores are empty), give bus rides (because gas was $12 a gallon), or have swimming (because the electricity being off meant that the pool wasn't getting filtered and it was contaminated). Miranda is mad about all of this but realizes that she can't really complain about food because she has so much at home. Finally Matt gets home and reveales to Miranda that their Mom is worried being able to feed th because they get out of school 2 weeks early. Overall I feel like the author was smart using the decision to make the book Miranda's diary. The book has so many possibilities to finish and has a huge mystery factor. 

The End

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