Life As we knew it (Response)

There seems to be a family and the rest of anyone known to mankind begins to die off. The family in ,Life as we knew it is very essential to the novel. Because people begin to die off its because of many types of natural disasters begin to occur. Meaning very low food supply fairly and electricity nor anything not earthbound is not functioning. This family in Life as we Knew it tries to become closer and go on as if the end of the world doesn't matter.

From the eleventh through fifthteenth chapters of the Novel, Life as we knew it there seemed to be a lot of things happening. Through all the time our beloved Miranda tries to stay strong and be herself as always and not let the situation get the best of her.But through these three chapters Miranda continues to journal daily. Which is the way we know as readers what's going on. Her journaling really is the main theme telling us through all her journaling that all that's going. It shows that Miranda's routine has yet to be switched up. One specific example that proves that journaling is the basic theme of novel is that in  chapter eleven/twelve she shows that when she sees  a familiar face at school it made her feel good. It made her happy because it makes her feel better knowing that everyone is going to die soon enough but the people who haven't are most likely going to last if they have this long. A direct quote from the novel is that "I like Mrs.Sanchez and id hate her in a spot like that being that she isn't comfortable". MIranda truly cares for Mrs.Sanchez , why? Because she's a positive being and has kept herself together through it all and still showed up for work to.

In the novel of , Life as we knew it it makes you wonder how each character is doing mentally going through all of this. But for sure i know Miranda's mother is the most concerned for her kids but she's taking precautions to protect her children as much as she can. But later on in the chapters we read Miranda finds a pretty good amount of food her mother had been hiding. So she saw chocaolate and pretty much bathed herself in it. Being a teenager and wanting to binge on food is okay , I felt she was okay to do that. But it also might be her body telling her that she wants more than she could imagine and felt like old times again what is going to stop her from doing it again? (CHapter 11-15)

The End

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