Life as we Knew it journal 1Mature

In this book you see in the first five chapters sacrifice, change, anxiety, and many other feelings arise from regular everyday people as they face a terrifying reality that could arise in future eons of our earth. Within the short period I  have been reading the characters have adapted like no other animal could, as they were willing to kill their own species just so they can survive an eventual death. For instance, Miranda is starting to care more and more for herself than others as she would usually be giving along with her mother. At the school a blanket drive was taking place for the people who were in New York and New Jersey, the only thing that her mom said was that she wanted to care for themselves before they could care for anyone else, especially her family.


This book is a pure response to how irony can really happen, as in the beginning they were all excited to see the asteroid  hit The Moon which turned out killing close to a ½ billion people around the globe and destroy many of their cities. Personally if this were to happen then none of the major cities in my life would become decimated since I live 500 feet above sea level. All though most of the things I enjoy come from major companies in New York or Japan which were obliterated in this dystopian conundrum. The mother of the main character is particularly smart in gathering as they got all kinds of things that other people wouldn’t of thought about if they lived it over 10 times.


The mother of Miranda has shown great sacrifice and love for her other children which may foreshadow how she eventually passes in the future. Although she constantly lies to her children in order to assure they can keep their heads level as they still have plenty of lifetime compared to our society. If I were to live in the same situation as Miranda I would spend my time building things such as water purifiers to let them have a constant source of water, which can also give them electricity through a hydroelectric system, which could recharge their batteries. What they have done so far is considerably smart as they were all in a panic all though I would of grabbed bigger clothing for when they have grown into adults they don’t have to go commando in their daily lives. What they have done such as freak out or laugh as others are completely fine does not help anyone else or even let others come over and share food such as the eggs from Mrs. Nisbitt or the Doctor Miranda’s mom is dating.


In all I can say this text was equally entertaining as it was terrifying, with a few bits of confusing dialog as the characters talk to each other. My view of how we see something as close as the moon and never worry about it or wonder about how useless it is as it really does help us do many things we could never imagine doing by ourselves. All though the book doesn’t think about many key factors such as a different gravitational pull with the moon affecting larger objects, which can cause water to fly as they can float through the air, or when objects are drop they go about six meters per a second instead of the usual 9.8 meters per a second it traditionally goes.


The End

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