Life as we knew it: journal

    The story starts off with everyone talking about the asteroid hitting the moon on Wednesday around 9:30 pm. Then when the asteroid ... it hit the moon out of orbit! this caused a mass panic throughout the entire world, mostly America. This shift in the moon caused tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.  

    In response the characters were all heading to the supermarket to get supplies to outlast the extraordinary disaster that most people thought that it was going to be a walk in the park. After the strike the power went out and phones were dead, so the characters had to adapt to no electricity and no phones for a while. Every phew days the power would come on and they would be able to watch tv or something.

    The schools kept going even though there were only 5 teachers at the most. So they mostly talked about what happened and what would have been different if the asteroid missed. All of the school programs like swim team, chess team, etc. Every single youth in the building screamed and yelled saying that this is a disgrace. So then after school like every kid these days would do and go and make arrangements to go to Millers Pond to continue the swim team.

    The school also had to make changes to their schedule to make time for lunch. At lunch for the last few weeks they ate only PB and J, that would be horrible. This also continues with what I think as a reader should be important to survival. If there was a choice between food and extra activities in school I would chose food over anything but water. 

    My overall reaction to the text so far is that it is well put together and grabs the readers attention. The storyline is good like when the mother came into the school and took merindia to go and get supplies for the disaster. The author also used imagery very well in my opinion, it felt like there was an actual asteroid hitting the moon and causing panic. So far the book has been a good and intriguing book.

The End

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