Life as we knew it chapters 6-10 The moon becomes attractiveMature

The dad calls, he has no idea what happened to the grandma, no one does, "still no sign of Grandma." The moon uses its pull to pull magma from the ground making volcanos erupt killing a lot more people the people. Horton leaves(which is the cat)they do not find him for to chapters. Megan is about to die, of starvation. Dad and Lisa come and bring food stay a few days and leave.

In these chapters it shows how they can not communicate through phones, radios, etc. If I were in this state I would get better at speech because I would talk more rather than text or use social media to communicate. Throughout the book the characters have to adapt to the disasters destroying their lives to be able to live through them. In the book there are a lot of natural disasters, in my community there have been storms lately which have caused floods. I learned how people would live during a natural disasters. In the book it states how they could not use as much technology as they used to, if we could not use technology we could not do near as much stuff. It is interesting how people can live in this situation.

The End

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