'Life As We Knew It" Chapters 6-10 Analysis

        After reading chapters 6-10 many things came into mind. I understand why the people in the story would be mad or scared. I also understand having a leading role during a critical time. That can put a lot of stress on you to the point of a breaking point. Miranda's mom is feeling this, the large amount of stress. You can also seeing it take a toll on the family and the people close to the family. Her mom is trying her hardest to care for the family, sending Jonny to camp, two meals, and other things of this sorts. The family is getting mad at the mom, and not seeing how she is trying to help them. This chapter made me think of the importance of having people looking out for you. I think I would react similarly to how the family is reacting. I would get mad at my family under all the circumstances and reach the reach the breaking point. Overall, I have enjoyed this book, it's thought provoking and realistic at the same time.

The End

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