Life As We Knew It Chapters (6-10)

            In chapters 6-10 there were a series of important events. We find out that Sammi is dating a 40 year old man. We also find out that Megan isn't eating as much.  Miranda is swimming in Millers pond. Theres also this guy named Dan. There are also diseases going around from mosquitoes so everyone has to be super careful. A lot more happened, so now I will go into further details

          Okay first-things-first Johnny is still going to baseball camp, which is pretty surprising knowing that the world might come to an end.  Then we meet Peter, the doctor. Peter is Mom's new boyfriend. He warns about being safe and putting bug spray on. Then we move onto chapter 7. Miranda goes to see Sammi and Megan and finds Megan fasting. (not eating) Well Megan seems pretty happy with her decision, because she has this huge grin on her face like she is thinking, "Hey, if I'm going to be skinny it might as well be now!" Well then Miranda's  family decides to cut food supplies limits off. Then Matt chops a lot of wood. Then the skies turn weird colors supposedly because of volcanos. Moving on to chapter 8. Things get a little intense in this chapter. We find out Sammi is dating a 40 year old man named George. There is also a cat that goes missing then returns. Then Dad and Lisa come and bring gifts which is just food. Miranda runs into Dan who is leaving town. This really drives Miranda crazy. Moving on to chapters 9-10. In chapter 9 its Johnny's birthday. Miranda also sees Megan. Not much there. Then in chapter 10 there is the huge question of should i go to school or not? This question remains unanswered. We also realize that the town has no police or fireman, and everyone is on there own. There are many thing probably storming threw your brain now about all this.

     In these chapters, we have a problem with hunger. This is an everyday problem. People all around the world have to deal with being hungry because they can't provide for themselves. Everyone is now getting into the feel of not having the most normal life. Dan is moving, and Megan won't eat, and Sammi is with an older guy. This text is pointing out the famine problem. I think people should eat more, but some can't. I'm very surprised about the events that have occurred so far. Who would think Sammi would be with an older guy. This book is becoming very interesting so far. If these events were to happen to me I would try to fix it. I would make Dan stay, and make Megan eat. The book is defiantly rising now. I like the book so far, its very good.  

The End

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