Chapters 16-21 summary

Summary: Mrs. Nesbitt dies which is probably a big change for Miranda. Before she dies, Mrs. Nesbitt had told her to search the house so she did. She started in the attic and worked her way around the house. She found a bunch of boxes and chests full of old clothing and papers from Mrs. Nesbitts work. I found a box labeled Bobby's things and i found something great in there.

At the beginning of chapter 16, Miranda loses one of the most important things to her. It was Mrs. Nesbitt. Miranda began searching the house and started in the attic and made her way around the house. In the attic she found old boxes filled with old clothes and papers from Mrs. Nesbitts work. She did find a box labeled Bobbys Things where she found a shoe box filled with baseball cards. She remembered giving these things to Jon for Christmas and it made her feel warm inside. She made her way down to the kitchen where she found some wash clothes and sheets folded nicely. Although they never got cold in the sunroom, some extra blankets were always nice. Miranda had a clean pillowcase which she used to carry stuff around. At this point she had tissues and toilet paper and painkiller and sheets and blankets, and of course, the baseball cards. She had found that Mrs. Nesbitt still had food in her cabinets and her well hadn't ran dry yet so Miranda helped herself with a bottle of water. Miranda had said that she was excited for christmas eve because there was going to be a big meal and she was even going to give out presents. It was just like any other chirstmas eve. Miranda had her best christmas yet. Everyone woke up excited and happy, and knowing that everyone was still around and healthy was so incredibly reassuring. On Christmas eve, everyone was talking about their christmas past, which made their mother nervous, but she let them talk about it anyways. I think that in the situation, their mom didn't feel comfortable with it is because she didn't want to give them false hope of having a good christmas. This is one way the economic has changed the characters behavior. On just a normal christmas eve, I don't think their mother would have cared about them talking about christmas past, but because of the way their society is, she doesn't want them with any false hope and thats one way the economic changes have affected the characters behavior.


The End

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