Life As We Knew It (Chapters 16-21)

      In the chapters 16-22 a lot happens. We first start with chapter 16 learning that Mrs. Nesbitt died. This is pretty sad because we all love Mrs.Nesbitt, but we saw it coming.  Then they have Thanksgiving dinner. There is also motivation it do more schoolwork. This chapter ends with a reminder that the family is one meal a day for seven days a week. Moving on to chapter 17. First there is a blizzard. The family is worried Matt won't make it back, but he does.  Then they do a lot of yard work. Johnny is eating more and more. The family thinks Johnny with survive and the rest will die.  That pretty much sums up 17, but now to 18. chapter 18 starts happy, it's Christmas, and they're finding reasons to be thankful. The family decorates the clothes line and calls it a horizontal christmas tree. Carolers on the street. Miranda thinks it's the best Christmas ever. They have a lot of food, and recycled presents. Games and schoolwork. Practicing on the skis. Miranda is worried because there was a hint of danger. Chapter 19 is bad. Mom is sick, and Miranda's brothers are following. The hospital is completely empty. Peter is dead.  Miranda is now responsible for three people. Miranda has to feed three meals a day. Everyone is pretty sick, besides Miranda. In chapter 20, there is more ski practicing, and the electricity came on for a bit. Mom wants Miranda to give up a meal, so that Johnny and Matt can live longer. In chapter 21 there is a lot going on. Mainly there is food, hope, and promises. The electricity keeps coming on. Miranda's birthday. Miranda ends the chapter telling us why she was writing a journal. 

In this book there are quite a few themes. One of the main themes is trying to survive. While all this is happening, the family has to make decisions that help them survive. Mom says, "Do you think you can skip lunch a couple times a week?" This shows how mom  wants Matt and Johnny to survive. The family has to make really hard choices to survive. 

   Since the world is ending, the family is having to let things go. The family has to cut down food so they don't run out. They also have to be smart and stay healthy. All of the things are driving the characters to be more smart.  I think all the characters are going a little crazy because of all the events. 

The End

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