Life as we knew it chapters 16-21

In this chapter Miranda goes to the point of no return, she decides that her family would be better off without her,so she says that she is going to the post office, but deep down she knows that there will be no returning. Honestly i feel that sometimes Miranda thought that death would be better.

I feel that throughout the whole book there has been one theme emerging and that would be survival of the fittest. THis theme not only relates to the book,but it also can contribute into real life. Mainly in Miranda's world does she feel that she is not fit and can not go on and refuses to go on. Miranda is not fit mentally,so she refuses to go on. 

This conflict has made Miranda so unstable mentally,she is beginning to go crazy. She feels that she would be better off dying than using anymore food from her family's stash. Had Miranda stayed any longer she may have done something that could cost not only her life, but her siblings  life. THe moon has made Miranda go crazy.

The End

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