Life As We Knew It Chapters 1-5

I recently started reading the book Life As We Knew It, by Susan Pheffer. It was written in 2006 so it's almost past the stone age which means I can relate to it in many ways. They have to deal with an imminent threat, and my imminent threat is trying not to finish this semster without three b's. But I really can relate in the sense that if this were to happen, my family would be much better off than others too because of our abundant food and relative safety from flooding nd volcanoes. The characters are having to adapt to progessively losing their electrical appliances and other modern day conveniences. Now that I think about it though, they are lucky that the moon did a last minute save and stopped the asteroid from hitting Earth or having it orbitting around us and smashing all sorts of satellites and other billion dollar appliances. I do not know how big the asteroid is, but assuming that it's big enough to knock the moon several hundred thousand miles closer to us, i'm assuming it's big enough to destroy humanity if it were to hit Earth. The asteroid that killed  dinosaurs was only around the size of New York. That sounds huge but if you compare that to the rest of the Earth, it's amazing something so small can be so catastrophic. I have so far enjoyed this book, and i look forward to more journal entries in the future.

The End

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