Life as we knew it chapters 11-15 "Why school?"Mature

Miranda goes to start school only to leave because if she went to the high school she might get kidnaped. later she gets in the pantry and takes a bag of chocolate chips, "They were MY ---- chocolate chips." she said. Mrs. Nesbitt says that she is going to die soon.

When it's the end of the world, school is not important, but living is. "Michelle Schmidt is missing," "Your kidding," "She was walking home from church with her sister when someone grabbed her." It is not safe to go to school.

Throughout the book things are changing like crazy, it was hard for me to handle, but imagine what the characters in the book had to deal with, at first everyone is scared, but after a few days people are less scared, until another disaster happens changing people's minds and decisions, some kill him or herself. The author seems to act like nothing is as bad as it really is. The men have been doing more dirty work rather than working inside like the women.

The End

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