Life As We Knew It Chapters 11-15 Analyzation

As the story goes on, many things are changing. Due to the scenario, Miranda has chosen to drop out of school. Megan and her mum are now dead. Miranda's ankle is now injured due to her falling. The world is slowly coming to an end.

      As the world is coming to an end, the characters have less and less time to live. They need food, water, shelter, and guidance. Since there is not much time left, Miranda is doing less and less school work. Which has now resulted in her now deciding to drop out of school. Which the other characters have taken note of it, though it doesn't matter much since the world is going to end anyway.

      They need to conserve food, to which they now have a system of shifts of when to eat to save as much food as they can. Although, Miranda has found her favorite food, chocolate. Which was saved for Matt's birthday party. Though the chocolate was saved for Matt's birthday, she still decides to eat all the chocolate. She had a cover-up story, which is just that she ate a can of string beans instead of chocolate. However, story didn't really work, though. Since it still resulted in her not being able to eat for a while.

      Megan (Miranda's friend) and her mum are now dead. Miranda is shocked. As Jonny, Matt, and their Laura (Miranda's mum) go to Mrs. NesBitt's house, Laura suddenly falls and injures her ankle. She now cannot stand on it. Which is a big deal, being injured while the world is about the end is not the best situation.

The End

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