Life As We Knew It Chapters 11-15 Analyzation

In these chapters many things have changed. One of the main things is that Miranda, dropped out of highschool. She wants to die with her family and not a bunch of annoying kids at High School. She is also mad at her mom because her mom is limiting supplies. Along with all of this Matt is turning 19.

       In chapters 11-15 a new theme has arised. The theme is that you have to stick together and work well with your family. If you don't surviving is going to be difficult. In these chapters you can tell that the family is getting mad with each other. They are starting to split apart and go their own way. In Chapter 12, September 6, Marinda tells herself " There was food in the pantry that Mom wasn't letting us eat... were only a little bit everyday". This shows that Miranda's mom is trying to conserve supplies, but Miranda doesn't like it, so she tells herself that she deserves anything that's available.

     The question I decided to answer was "What forces motivate the characters' actions and decisions in the novel?" The main obvious force is that the world is coming to an end. This causes everyone to think of themselves above everyone else. They think that they should deserve what everyone else has. But this isn't the only force, along with this there is also forces such as your beliefs. Many people won't give up on their beliefs even if it's for their benefits. Such as Megan still believes that God will provide for her, or that Marshall is a caring or good man.

The End

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