Life As We Knew It Chapters (11-15)Mature

THe first significant event in chapters 11-15 was school started back up but there was an alarming lack of staff and students so Miranda just stole a bunch of books, pencils, etc and left. another thing was she ate a bunch of chocolate chips in the pantry and her mom freaked out and banned her from eating for two days. Also, the major frosts started and Jonny got sent to summer camp.

One theme that is starting to emerge in this novel is mental and physical toughness. Whenever another major problem presents itself, Miranda and her family work through it to continue to survive. You especially see this in Miranda as she evolves from a whiny teenager into a hardened survivor. But what fuels this adaptation? I think as modern day conveniences start to disappear, their basic survival instincts and adaptations start to kick in.  Their will to survive, their ability to go without food, etc, has helped them survive. I think it's amazing how fast your mindset can change after starbucks and ESPN are taken away. It just goes to show that we really are only a few brain cells away from being wild animals.

The End

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