Life As We Knew It chapter 6-10

It's been several months since the asteroid hit the moon. These chapters occurred in July and August, the temperature was normally around 100. No AC, no light, no electricity, and their food supply was running low. More than half of the population from the small town in Pennsylvania have moved south because it was said that things are better down there. School started again and everything was off, none of her friends were there, no lunch, and no bus. Nothing was the same.

In the novel Life As We Knew It an asteroid hit the moon causing to move extremely close to the earth. Even after a couple of months after the event occurred nothing was the same, people were still dying, food supply was at a minimum, and people were moving. Miranda's overall reaction was pretty good compared to others. Most characters in the text were sunken up over the whole thing. If I were in the same conditions I would try to remain calm but most likely fail. I would freak out because the moon would be way closer than it's supposed to be, people were dying, and natural disasters didn't stop happening. Volcanoes erupted anywhere and everywhere, earthquakes had no end, tsunamis and tidal weaves kept getting closer. I would lose my mind. 

Natural disasters happen all the time, but not like they are happening in the book. In the text volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal weaves and tsunamis where something that was happening daily in the book. In real life when a volcano explodes everyone knows about it and we all freak out, we all would lose our minds if actually were to happen. I think that in the book some people are handling what happen fairly well, others not so much. People would probably react the same if this catastrophe happened.    

The End

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