Life As We Knew It Chapter 16-21

Life As We Knew It had a lot of ups and downs. In 16 Miranda finds out Mrs. Nesbitt dies and when she died Miranda and her brothers decides to take all the stuff before everyone else does and she took bit jugs of water because she knew she had fresh water. When Miranda got done with "cleaning" her house her family had a big "feast". Soon Miranda finds her mom upset and helps her calm down because she knows how hard it is to lose someone. Her mom then gets sick and helps her eat more than normal like go to eating 1 meal every seven days. Christmas comes and Miranda begins to be thankful for the things she has and then they start to share out gifts. Miranda thinks its the best Christmas ever. After mom is sick the brother end up being sick then Miranda is having to give up her meals to help her family. She tries to help and goes tot the hospital but no one was there to start off with. The electricity comes back on everyone was filled with joy for few moments. The book ends with Miranda explain why she has been writing with her journal. 

My theme I chose is "Link to the past and a bridge to the future", I chose it because Miranda finds herself looking at her present day worrying about what is going on but in reality she is making her way to her own future because the past happened there will always be a future. She always have that connection to the past to make her happy but yet her life she gone down hill since. The more you link on too your past the more you will know your future. 

While the book is ending the character's in the novel are more frustrated because of whats happening like they had to cut down the meals to one time a week and more and more people or getting sick and dying. They have to try to live a good life while they are still happy.  If our life was like that I think that we would have a difficult time trying to survive too. 

The End

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