Life As We Knew It Chapter 16-21

It's been several months since the asteroid hit the moon. Everything was still the same, limited food, no electricity, snowstorms, and people dying. Health conditions had gotten worse, the flu was spreading, mostly everyone that was left died because they didn't have the strength to fight off the illness. After the flu passed and mostly everyone was dead the power came on for 3 to 4 minutes, it wasn't much but it was something. At the end of the book the power came back on and food was supplied.

The book has several different points. One that I really thought was expressed was that things can go from terrible to worse than good. The main concept seemed to be the way life plays out. In the book things were fine then they got bad, that’s kind of how life is because you can be living the dream and then the next second you want to die. It seemed like it was relating to what happens in life. When the asteroid hit the moon people started making rash decisions. Everyone made decisions that didn’t make since but payed off or back fired. People started to move because they felt like they had no other option, or stopped eating because that’s what god would have wanted. Most decisions made were insane but they were in a insane position. The moon getting hit made people have to make decisions in a second or they could die. The conditions they were in had an affect on what they did, who they talked to, what they eat, if they left the house or not, etc. At the end of the book the people who made the best decisions ended up with the best result, they finally got food, electricity, water etc.


The End

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