Life As We Knew It Chapter 1-5

This book has been great from chapter 1-5. Miranda in the book, the narrator of Life As We Knew It, she is the protagonist in the book. Miranda and her mom has been informed that an asteroid will hit the moon and you will be able to see it with your own eyes. Miranda is fascinated by what will happen but isn't so impressed by the fact she had to do homework papers about the asteroid hitting the moon. From far the asteroid is small but they don't realize how much it will affect the world later on. 

The day after the asteroid hit the moon Miranda's step mother Lisa checks to see learn more about it but no one knows anything about it right away. Miranda thinks the moon it getting closer. When the accident happen random power outage and bad storms. Miranda was in school and her step mother cares about her grades like my mom does. She wants be to get a good education and job for the future. If i had a F i would get in trouble like Miranda would. In my opinion when the asteroid hit the moon I wouldn't believe it would actually hit the earth out of orbit because of how big the moon is it wouldn't make sense for an asteroid to hit it that hard. If I was thinking the moon was coming towards us or is coming towards us I wouldn't know what to do because where would we go? If we get it we get hit. In this world we get power outages and bad storms/ weather. Like how they did when the moon was coming towards them. 

I think the story will get better through out the story to me it immediately tells the action of the story. I rather have till the middle of the book to find out what happens. In the book you can telling a bit of learning about how the moon causes waves and stuff. Also you can picture the book itself. So therefore I kinda like this book. 

The End

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