Life as we knew it 6-10

    Right now in the book the characters are adapting and sacrificing to do and have things like school and food. They are having to walk and ride bikes for 2-5 miles every day to get to school and the frost killed off all of the crops. This worried everyone about if they will be able to make it through winter. The gas line company said that they will close down at the end of August so there will be no heat to go to the cities. 

    In the last few chapters of 6-10 the main character is facing some hard times when her dad hasn't yet called them for weeks now. This begins to worry her so she goes into town to go to the post office to see if there is anything from dad. On her way there she saw these teenagers breaking into stores and stealing the plywood. They had guns and they were wanting something so she went to the police station to report it but there was no one there for her to talk to. 

    My overall reaction to the book so far is that it is good and the story is good and interesting. The book has a good plot and storyline. I personally like the book because I can relate to the characters and how they are having problems.

The End

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