Life as We Knew it SummaryMature

Life as We Knew It Sum.

Miranda attends the Elementary School. Then the teacher in charge says that they either need to go to the High School in town or Home School. Miranda knows that she can't go to the town. Gets books some her and Jonny can home school themselves. Then Miranda steals some school supplies when no one is looking. When she gets home her mom takes a nap and she goes into the pantry and eats chocolate chips that are for her brothers brother. Her mom finds out and makes Miranda eat the whole bag of the chocolate chips. Then shortly after she gets sick. Then  Miranda's mom falls and hurts her ankle she gets taken to the hospital and I won't say anymore on that. But in the end they run out of water... Well not just them the city.


How are the characters managing?

With this book I think it teaches all of the characters not to be selfish and don't take what they have for granted because you never know when you could lose it. That being said in this book a lot of people are losing their sanity. From not having enough food to constant death. With the constant string of death that is happening all the time how would they stay sane? I mean imagine losing someone that you love and care about everyday… How would you feel? I don't know about you but i would rather die early on so i wouldn't have to deal with all of the madness of it. It's too much for anyone to take.


The End

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