Cody Betsill's SummaryMature

                When I read chapters 6-10,  it seemed calm and like the thing that has been happening with Megan has been weird and I'm concerned about what's gonna happen to her. When Miranda got back from taking johnny to baseball camp Megan seemed weak and ill and that doesn't seem too well. Maybe Megan has been feeling stressed out or something. What happened to Megan for her top seem ill and so sick. Does she have a virus? Hopefully whatever is wrong with Megan doesn't lead to suicide. But the text said that Megan hasn't been eating enough so maybe nothing is wrong with Megan. So Megan's mom told her to eat two meals a day. So that morning Megan skipped breakfast and ate lunch. Well, a brunch. Now, all the sudden the next day the sky turns grey and stays that way for awhile. Miranda said it was because the moon's gravitational pull has affected all the volcanos and made most of them in the world erupt. All the volcano's ash was drifted by the wind and blocked the sun's light to the earth all over the world and now that there is no sun what will happened to the crops?  So far overall the characters haven't been crazy and chaotic. They have been calm and relaxing mostly.

      But there is incident that will happen in the future that will be crazy and kinda random. But that mystery is not to be revealed until it comes forth and decides to be revealed. Many events happen in "LAWKI" . The main conflict can change every and there daily activities. Like Miranda She writes in a journal and keeps track of whats been happening. This could maybe help relief her and keep her calm and interactive. People do things to keep them calm and happy. Like maybe you like playing a game or reading a book. Your daily activities can be affected too. Lets say you love going swimming at the beach or farming at your house. With this tragic disaster, it may make it difficult to accomplish these tasks. The moon entering the earths orbit can majorly affect the tides. There would be tide waves every 12 minutes and that could kill many swimmers.  And about the crops, the moon could affect the earths tectonic plates cause volcanoes to erupt at random moments and the ash from the volcanoes can harm your crops and even kill them.

The End

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