Life as we knew it

  This is a very interesting book. The book first starts out by saying that Lisa is pregnant.  Lisa is Miranda's step mother. Miranda is the protagonist. In the beginning of the book they get the news that an astroid is going to hit the moon. Some are worried and some don't give it a second thought. They later find out how serious this astroid is, It will change their world majorly. 

  Once the astroid hits, everyone finds out how threatening it is. Everyones electricity starts going out. Storms keep hitting. Everyone is starting to freak out. The news announces that this is way worse than anyone thought. That's when everyone starts trying to escape. This reminds me of the attack on The Twins Towers. I've realized that this could very well happen to us at anytime. I mean, Maybe one day an astroid could  hit the moon and put us in great danger. It shocks me that there are still people their. If i was under these circumstances i would probably have a heart attack! This story intrigues me because i like that its kinda suspenceful and it keeps me wanting to read more, you can kinda put your self  in their situation. Miranda's mom is trying to help her children. This could be very dangerous to them since the moon appears to be closer, then it could be projecting towards the earth, which will cause huge tsunamis. These chapters are just leading up to the worst because if the moon is coming closer, then there is a really big chance, that there is even more to come. 

  This book so far has been good, because it makes you wanna keep reading. Its very suspenseful, and makes you wondering why this is happening. It also gives you a bit of imagery, when it talks about the astroid hitting the earth and the moon appearing to be bigger. The book gets boring at points but then something drastic happens which makes you wanna continue farther in the story. 

The End

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