Life as We Knew It (16-21)

      As the story is coming to an end, people are dying. A death is introduced at the very beginning of chapter. This time, it's Mrs. NesBitt. People are now dying left and right. Along with the story, the world is also coming to an end.

      It is now starting to get harder to tell if it is day or night, since it is so dark. The weather is getting really bad, it is snowing and it is started to stir up a blizzard. Matt has been away for a while, he could be lost. Miranda offered to go and search for him, but her mum strongly disagreed at first and did not let her go, she didn't want to lose both of them, but soon enough, Jon went to search for him. After freezing for hours, they finally found Matt.

      The characters are rejoicing. Finding Matt was big, they did not want to lose him. After finding Matt, they snow still proceeds to snow. They may be going to be out of water soon, so they need to conserve. Soon, Christmas rolls around.

      Though the world is coming to an end, it was a good Christmas. They were all in good moods. They talk about how much fun the carolling was before. It was mostly like any other Christmas. There was presents, snowy weather, and family time.

The End

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