LAWKI Chapters 16-21Mature


    In the beginning of the chapters Mrs. Nesbitt dies. Jon, Matt, and Miranda ransack the house for any and all water, food, blankets, etc.. While Miranda is going through the house she finds items that she would like to give to her family members for Christmas. And as Christmas gets closer, it gets colder; and it starts snowing. This gives Matt and Jon more work because they have to shovel snow off the roof and to make walkways. When Christmas rolls around, it turns out that everyone got each other gifts (Miranda received a new diary and a watch). Mom starts to get sick, and Matt and Jon do too. Miranda goes to the hospital just to find out that Peter had died. When Jonny gets better, he decides to cut down to one meal a day. And the electricity turned on for a couple minutes for the first time in months. Electricity comes on more and more every day. The book rounds off with Miranda’s 17th birthday, and she says that she’s 17, warm, and well fed. And she kept the journal so she could remember life as we knew it.



    No matter what life throws your way, you have your family to be there and help you get through it.



   In Life As We Knew It, the moon shifting causes it to get really cold towards the end of the book. When it starts to get below zero, the family decides to move everyone into the sunroom to sleep so they can be warm (because of the wood stove). Miranda hates the idea of sharing the sunroom with her family, even if it’s supposed to be for her own good. She knows that if she moves into the sunroom, she will get no time by herself and this causes her internal conflict, and stress. All she wanted was her own space and it just seems like her world is getting smaller and smaller.



The End

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