Life as we knew it 11-15

In the chapters of this week readings, we found out that Miranda's friend had died and so had the mother. The daughter from starvation and was dying to be with the lord. The mother died after the daughter when the cops came to help move the body and bury it in the backyard.
When the cops came back with their tools they found that the mother had hung herself. After that, Miranda went home and was minding her own business when her Mom was crying out for help. When Miranda showed to she found her

   In the book one of the recurring themes is that live life like there is no tomorrow. This means that live your life like the end of the world is tomorrow. Miranda in the beginning of the book just goes about her business and doesn't worry about anything else. So when the asteroid hit and caused chaos Mirada didn't know what to do and didn't know how to help other people that need it. One example of the theme is "Matt isn't picking up [and we are hoping for the best]".

    In 'Life as we knew it', the author is really sexist. In the book, the women do what you think that women do, they clean, cook, do dishes and anything else inside that needs to be done. The women in 'Life as we knew it', are Miranda and the Mom. The men in the book do the hard work that includes chopping wood, building fires, protecting the women. The men in the book are Jonny, Peter, Matt, and Dad. So the author went very stereotypical in this book.

    The central conflict of the story has changed the physical and mental state of the characters. The central conflict of the story is that an asteroid knocks the moon out of place causing volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes. In the beginning of the book Miranda's state of mind was just live life know and don't worry about what id going to happen. When the asteroid hit everyone started to panic and worry. Then the mindset of me, myself, and I stopped. Now everyone 


The End

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