Life As We Knew It

In "Life As We Knew It" chapter 1-5 an asteroid hits the moon. At first the story starts out normal, just an ordinary small town girl from Pennsylvania. She's just like anyone else, parents are divorced, older brothers in college, mom is stressed out. Until one day everything changes. Astronomers predicted that an asteroid was going to hit the moon. Everyone was excited, that's all anyone talked about. When the asteroid hit the moon people were screaming, praying, and crying. No one knew what w

At the beginning of the story everyone was fine, but when the moon was hit everyone was freaked out. In the book people were screaming, and praying, that's how people react to bad things. If this were to actually happen everyone would have reacted the same way. As in reality it took some time for everyone to adapt to what had happened. The power would only be on a couple hours a day, there were no hot meals, their lifes were turned up sided down. 

Title weaves, tsunamis, earthquakes happen but not all over the world at the same time, killing millions of people. People have to deal with natural disasters all the time, I have and so have millions and millions of people throughout time. If this exact thing were to happen  I would freakout, I would be in my bubble, I would isolate myself. I wouldn't know what to do, how would anyone know what to do? My overall thought about the text is that it's a insane, not very likely to happen,but it's insane.  

The End

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