Day 1-5

Lately I started to read the Novel , "Life as we knew it" by Susan Beth Pfeffer. In this novel the main Character Journals her new experiences and feelings towards it. The main situation that occurs in this novel is that Miranda starts to have disbelief when the meteor hits the moon. But theres yet more to come and her and family struggle through problems and trying to prepare for more disasters to happen.

With this novel I try to compare my personal reference to this book. With my future I think to myself if you were in Miranda's shoes what would happen next? Im thinking that with the Government we have now and how society reacts to all things. There would probably be more of a disobeying type of world.  Also the characters in the book are reacting very calm for each one of there family members. But also if this was my reality and if I had to compare with the Novel as if it is Right or Wrong that there not preparing frantiquely.

The End

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