Life As We Kew It Analyzation Chapters 16-21Mature

In the book "life As We Knew It" a dangerous disaster happened where a asteroid hit the moon and has made it interactive with earths orbit. This can cause critical damage such as throwing the tides off and even affecting the weather and temperature. There had been volcanoes erupt everywhere and because of all the ash, it has managed to kill all the crops in the area. Without the peoples crops what willthey do and how will they get food without interacting with money. In the chapter 19 miranda wakes up to find her mother which is sick and Johnny which has a bad fever. Miranda is the only one that is normal and not sick. So marinade decides that she needs to go to the hospital for help, but she only finds 2 nurses. The only 2 that will tell her that everyone else had died including peter. They explain the miranda that a bad strain or flu has been going around and all miranda can do is go home to her family with fluids and let the virus run its course. Miranda then returns home and looks after her family well try's too. This shows how well miranda is. I mean she is willing to help her family and do what it takes to make them feel better. This shows that just because something bad happens doesn't make everyone hateful and mean. Miranda still writes in her journal and helps others.

The End

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