Life As I Know It(Ch 11-15)

In these chapters many things have happened. Miranda takes responsibility in the family. She goes to school and takes supplies. Mom falls twice hurting her ankle twice. Miranda finds out that Megan has died. The Library in now closing.

          In these chapters many things have happened to test Miranda's grip on the social and economic conditions. In chapter 11 she goes to school for the first day. There she decided to homeschool. Miranda does something that would be unthinkable, she steals schools supplies. With the remark, "I can't remember the last time I was so excited. It felt like Christmas filling my bookbag with supplies. Better than Christmas, though, because I knew I was stealing and that made it even more exciting. When everything was normal in the world, it was not right to steal along with a crime. Now that the world is the way that it is, people have to fend for themselves and nobody even thinks twice about taking things that do not belong to them. 

          This chapter many forces have caused her to mature at a fast rate. First of all see started off with not understanding the big deal with the food, but now she does. When her mom fell and hurt her ankle she had to step up and be more responsible. Her mom now trusts her to go and make dinner for the family and not using too much food. She had raided the pantry and stolen stuff not that long before and now she is trusted to provide a meal for the family. This takes a lot of growing up to go from these two scenarios. When her mom falls she does not stop for a second to think, she goes straight for help. 

The End

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