I don't understand anymore than Chrissy. We used to be so close, but I guess that changed as soon as our high school years started at Cherry Hill High. Through middle school we would always save a seat for one of us to sit at lunch and break. We would always be partners in class and to always be there for each other. I don't quite know how we've managed to stay like this; it's not Mum and Dad that have passed this down to us. They were once there for us, but not anymore. I guess the reason Chrissy and I were so close was to make up for the fact that our parents no longer loved us; not nearly as much anyway.


When Chrissy first became popular I didn't realize it would mean leaving me behind. I have my friends, but Chrissy never realized how mean she was to me around her friends, she still hasn't realized now. I knew she didn't mean half the stuff she said and it was just to "show off" to her so-called "mates". Don't get me wrong though they are all amazing girls. I have a major crush on her "bezzie"; well I did until everything happened. It happened so fast and even a few weeks later I still can't fully understand it and get my head round the whole situation. All Chrissy tried to do was to make people happy, but for Percy that just wasn't enough!

She gave up lots of things for him and did everything, but nothing was ever enough. Nothing is ever enough in life, it’s just the way life is. As I say: ‘Life is simple, it’s just not easy’. Anyway, who said life would be easy?




The End

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