life as I know it summary part 2-Kayla a

A. "life as we’re living or no life at all.” During the story the struggle of food and death is at everyone's worries.Living in a situation like this the family are struggling with this way of life,they aren't used to i't.This text connect to me showing that when pepole have it bad they never think of the good only that every thing that they "need" is gone not realizing they have their health and eachother.

B.Many are having to starve so in a situation like this all is for the baby.Soon in the story of chapter eight love come back in the picture showing the family is almost very bipolar.Mrs.Nessbit brings light talking about the great depression and world war one,Miranda flips and says that we can do this that they all love each other.

C.That all the family slowly go bipolar being sad and happy.When all of a sudden somthing small happens they get sad,they aren't thinking about how they have their family and that they are alive instead they think about how hungry they are.This text dosn't agree with me due to the fact that even if i lost my house i would still be greatfull to have my health.

D.Many people now a days are out spending a lot on makeup instead of using some on people that are starving.The sad part about people now a days is that they have slowly became greedy not using money wisley.In the story this is shown by how evreyone is trying to be happy but miss things like prom.Not thinking of what they have or what they are happy to have.

E.When I kept on reading slowly realizing that they are bipolar for a good reason.The world is at a end and are starving,they do have a right to be bipolar because they have gone through and lost alot messing with their future plans.

The End

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