Life As I Know It (6-10

In these few chapter many things have happened. The biggest thing has happened. Volcanoes have erupted.(Even the dormant ones) This has put a thick layer of ash in the air. I chapter seven Miranda, her mom, and Matt are talking about the volcanoes. Mom said, “The concern is that the volcanic ash will cover the sun most places on earth.” Matt then said, “Crops…….No sunlight, no crops.”

The problem is food. Her family had to cut back on food to two meals a day. I could not do that. I can not go without food. Everyone that she was friends was moving away. Sammi and Dan were leaving also Megan did not want to be there. I like to see friends and if they are gone it would be different.


If I was in the same circumstance as Miranda I would act the same. I like to eat and cutting back on that would give me the same reaction. I feel the same way about how she reacts to many things. There are so many things running through her mind that are similar to me. What will I eat, when will school start, how will my future be it the world stays this way. Johnny is also like me. I thought I would be the next big baseball player and worked as hard as I could. You can tell as the book goes on he come to the same realization as me. It is probably not going to work out that you are going to be pro at anything. You should work hard at school and things that can make a real difference in your life.    


The End

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