Life As I Know It

Life As We Knew It Chapter 1-5

    In these chapters many things happen. The asteroid hit the moon. The people of the planet thought it was going to be awesome and a great experience to have until it actually happened. The moon went from a half moon to a three-quarter moon. It filled up the sky as if it was too big. Then everyone went crazy. The price of gas went up and the stores were shot. Miranda's mom picked her up soaking wet from the rain. She was giving money and told to get as much as you can in case the world ends.

    The electricity went out and came back on many times. The schools closed with the saying, "no final exams whatever you have is what you have unless you talk to the teacher. Miranda said at the beginning her mom cared a lot about grades but now, she said she had a 78 in math and her mom did not seem to care. She responded with, "What is the point?" I have parent that are the same way about my grades and I would believe the shock she had when her mom just did not care anymore.

I would have tried to act different than the  people than. Everyone was in a panic. The way to get through it is to act as normal and think of the rational choice.


The End

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