Life as I know it...Mature


My life, huh? My life isn’t perfect, I mean whose is? Sure, we have those people that we wish could be us, but really at the end of the day we have to accept who we are, no matter how hard that can be. The word life itself is pretty simple, like the definition. However, though at first the definition of life seems simple and easy to get your head around, but truly the more you think about it, the more complicated and harder it seems to get, especially when trying to understand it...


So here I am your average 13 year old teenager who can’t seem to get anything right. Everyone makes mistakes, but it seems that for me, it’s constant. I suppose you could say I’m at that age when I’m still finding my place in the world. At least, it’s not too hard for me because after all I have my best friends; well at least I thought I did.


Welcome to my life.


In my life I have my family and my best friends, in my eyes these are two very different and complicated aspects of what’s important in life, although some people will disagree with me.

My Best Friends:

There’s Elly, who’s always there whether it’s in person, through text or through facebook. I know it seems sad, but it’s our way of always knowing what’s happening with each other. We have a lot in common and share lots of things, but recently we’ve gotten farther apart. She has everything it seems; from the latest clothes and trends to the latest technology. Sometimes I feel like I want these things and that it’s not fair how she has everything, but I know I’m just fine with what I’ve been given.

There’s Jess, who was such an amazing best friend not long ago, but since then seems to have found some other people at school who she prefers most days to hang out with. She’s still one of my best friends, well I think so, we can still talk about everything together, it’s just not as much as we used to. I love her, but in a different way to Elly, I suppose. Jess is more supportive and can be more understanding than Elly, but Elly isn’t always that type of person, so I can’t exactly change that...

There’s Nadine who joined our school about eight months ago. I love her and everything, but because she went to primary school with Elly, they regularly talk about memories and things, leaving me feeling left out at times. I knew Nads before she joined her at Stepheath because Mum and Dad are friends with Joanne and Chris who are great friends with Nads Mum and Dad, and because of this we have met a few times for lunch and briefly at drinks parties. When I first met her, I couldn’t stand her, but now looking back I don’t quite know why I hated her that much.

There’s also Maddie who I’ve known since Year 1. She’s changed so much though. She used to be up for anything and never really cared what anyone thought of her, but now that’s all changed. She now does everything for her family and I know that’s a good thing, but she seems to have no time to do anything else. I barely know her these days.

I could go on forever naming all my close and best friends, but the one’s above are the main people. There’s still Ally, Molly, Harry, Dylan and Tim. Harry, Dylan and Tim are three amazing guys. I mean I haven’t known them that long, but I can talk to them and they will listen. They are all awesome. Tim is gorgeous as well, I mean I went out with him for a bit, but I had to end it. It started getting awkward for a start and a lot of people hated us being together. Even though I’m not the type of person that cares what other people think, even my friends said it was wrong. I never really wanted to end it, but it seemed right at the time. Now I know that the reason they hated it was because they all liked Tim. I don’t blame them though; he is fucking fit and gorgeous like I’ve already said. Since Tim though I found Percy, perfect in every way, but now even he hates me, nearly as much as Elly which you can imagine feels like hell.

That was my life, until I ruined it. I was confused I didn’t know it mean this though... I guess, all I can do now is keep living my life no matter how hard it is and how much it hurts to see people looking at you with hatred, especially the ones you love.

The End

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