Life as a Jellyfish

This story is about jellyfish (told by title) and how they live. In the story, they live like humans do. Except they're jellyfish.All the characters are jellyfish in a jellyfish community. The jellyfish in the story can change color when they want to. This story is only for me and my friend Narrissa.

I'm a jellyfish. So are all my friends and family and neighbors and enemies. I'm called Kershplat. It's because I slam into rocks alot. Most of the time, I'm green. My friend Bouncy is usually purple. We hang out all the time. Our community is somewhere in the mid-Pacific ocean.  Right now, I'm on a mission. Here's my list of things to do today:

1. Find Bouncy.

2. Play trick on Joe. (He's one of our enemies.)

That's pretty much it. I know, it's a short list. That's all I really write anyway.  Time to find Bouncy. I floated off to find Bouncy.

The End

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