Memory in Flames (Phoenix)

"Steady, steady, I'm adding the hot dog."

"I'm holding it steady!" I refused to let my arms shake as I held the bow and arrow steady as Jessica stabbed our new prototype onto the arrow. Instead of exploding on contact, it'll only explode when we press The Button.

"Ok, ready when you are." Jessica sat back. Closing one of my eyes, I aimed for Percy's head. I saw Jenna briefly, but long enough to remember something.

"Hang on, hold this." I thrusted the bow and arrow with the hot dog into Jess's arms. "Be right back."

Sliding down the hill I entered the arena and pulled out my sword. Smacking Percy to the other side, I confronted Jenna. Jenna hadn't noticed Percy go flying. She was concentrating too hard. I started using harder techniques to make her realize her opponent had changed. She stopped and wiped her brow.

"Where'd Percy-?" She saw Percy pulling himself out of the sword rack. "Is he-?"

"Yeah he'll get over it. I just remebered something. Your dad was over at my dad's house for dinner and he knew that you were going to be here by the time I got here so he told me to give you this." Pulling a gold necklace with a pair of wings on a gold coin as the pendant out of my pocket, I handed it to her.

"What's this?" She asked as she studied it. I shrugged.

"Heck if I know. It can only be opened by the person it was meant for. Your dad said, 'Open it as soon as you get it.' Later!" I saluted and ran up the hill back to Jessica.

"What were you doing?"

"Something I would've forgotten for the next few days if we had fired the shot. I would've laughed so hard I would've forgotten. Let's do this thing." She handed me the bow and arrow. Once again, I pulled the string, aimed and fired.

"3.....2.....1." Jessica pressed The Button. Percy went up in a cloud of flame. Good thing he's fireproof.

The End

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