Fweakin' Out. (Phoenix)

"Ok dad, love you too. See you later." I hung up my phone as I got my dinner. When I sat down after scraping off my offering, I looked around for the new kid. She wasn't at the Hermes table so I looked around at the others, thinking Chiron had placed her elsewhere. Then I saw her. She was sitting at the Athena table where she always sat. I quickly ate my dinner then ran over to her.

"Hi Phoenix." She said plainly.

"What the heck was that all about Jess?"

"What?" She looked up.

"The minotaur. Usually you talk so much about electronics that you bore them to death. What was with the minotaur getting the best of you?" She sat and thought for a moment then answered.

"Ok, I was freaked out about an architectural thing. It frightened me then the minotaur frightened me. Why didn't you take me to camp when you came?" She said in an offended voice. It was my turn to be sorry.

"Sorry, your mother made my dad forget to have me pick you up and my blueberry was in my bag in the ladies' dressing room. I would've picked you up, but no one remembered. Hey you want to blow up the seaweed dude after strawberry picking?"

"Heck yeah!"

"Ok see ya tonight!" I turned and walked to the door before waving.

The End

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